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The author of numerous tax oriented publications, Philip Marcovici has also been an honorary lecturer at the law school of Hong Kong University and at the Universities of Geneva, St. Gallen and Zurich. Philip has been an adviser to the Swiss Finance Institute and  a lecturer on tax issues for the institute. Philip teaches for, among others, the Singapore Wealth Management Institute and the Singapore Management University and runs training and strategic change programs for a number of the worlds’ top private banks. Philip has also taught at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and for the Tsinghua Kaifeng Family Heritage Centre in Beijing. Philip is a member of the curriculum review committee for tax, trusts and wealth planning for the Singapore Wealth Management Institute, and is on the Editorial Board of WealthBriefing.

Philip Marcovici’s latest book, The Destructive Power of Family Wealth – A Guide to Succession Planning, Asset Protection and Wealth Management was published by  John Wiley & Sons at the end of 2016 and is available on Amazon and through other online and retail booksellers. Order NOW at Amazon or Amazon UK

Philip wrote this book to help families navigate the increasingly complex world of succession planning and asset protection, and to share his views on the state of the wealth management industry. Philip’s book also contains his views on strategy for private banks, trust companies and others in the wealth management industry looking for success in a time of enormous change and challenge.

A blurb from Philip’s publisher:

The Destructive Power of Family Wealth offers thoughtful, holistic planning to ensure that your wealth remains a positive force for your family. Global taxation regimes, changing bank secrecy laws, asset protection and other critical issues are examined in depth to assist wealth owners and their advisors in planning, and the discussion includes details on essential tools for any wealth management strategy. This book also delves into the psychology of wealth, and the effect it has on different family members; wealth destroys families every day, and smart management means maintaining the family as much as it means maintaining and expanding wealth.